False Alarm (stupid weathermen)

Louis the WeathermanJust so you know, dear readers, there is no reason to be worried for me. My prolonged absence is not the result of a deadly typhoon crashing into Kaohsiung and destroying everything in its wake. Merely, it is the result of my being busy and foolishly not alotting the proper time to write on our blog. I know I’ve said this before, but I sincerely will try to be better and to post more than once every eight days on here. That is simply unacceptable, and you need not stand for it!

But yeah, after my doomsday-esque post a week ago about Typhoon Parma headed straight for southern Taiwan, we got a whole lotta nothing here, weather-wise, this past week. Parma petered out before she ever got here. After slamming into the far north of the Philippines, she settled down, changed course a bit, and peppered northeast Taiwan with some serious rain, but nothing major. And here in Kaohsiung, we got a few dark clouds and a couple drip-drops of rain, but that was all. So I suppose it was nice to avoid another catastrophic storm. But still, it made my last post seem like a bunch of rabble-rousing hooey. (Wow, I liked that. If I start a band, I will seriously consider naming it Rabble-rousing Hooey.)

In other weather-related news, it’s finally cooling off here. And by cooling off, I mean it’s no longer a sweat-fest the minute you step outside. It’s still warm and humid, but I don’t think the high’s been over 90 (Fahrenheit) in the past week. The Canadians and northerners are still aghast at the heat we’re having in October; but being as I am from Texas, this is more or less what I’m used to. Maybe not this hot still, but it sure is nice to feel a cool-down. In fact, I even felt cold while driving my scooter Wednesday night. Exciting? Heck yes! Smile-inducing? Youbetcha.

Take care of yourselves. More goodness on the way.

~ by Nick on October 11, 2009.

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