Engrish / Chinese Insanity #8 – A Shirt for the Ages

Asia in general is known for its… amusing… ways of translating things into English. Store names, product slogans, t-shirts… you name it. I’ve been trying to document all the “Engrish” I’ve seen in Taiwan for my own amusement, but it occurs to me that you, the good strong reader, might want to be amused as well. And so this is a semi-regular installment here on Nick in Asia – not to poke fun, mind you, but belly laughing a few times is always good for the soul.

"My grandson is an idiot."

This particular piece of Engrish was not spotted by yours truly. In fact, it wasn’t even spotted in Taiwan. It was captured in Japan by the eagle eyes of my dear relative Gary. (I’m not sure what I should call him exactly – he’s my dad’s cousin’s husband.. third cousin? second cousin twice removed? Baldie? I don’t know these things… Holy crap, I just went here, and my head started to shake violently and my brain began to liquify. Anyway, you get the idea. Gary and I are kinda related.)

Gary and my dad’s cousin Marcia have been living in Yokohama, Japan, for the last few years. Gary sporadically keeps quite the interesting blog about his experiences over there, too. Since I’ve been here in Taiwan, we’ve exchanged some stories back and forth regarding the Asian cultures all around us. Some are educational, some are amusing. But yesterday, Gary went and passed something so wonderful along to me that it would be wrong of me NOT to share it with you.

What you will see today is but a simple shirt – a shirt with such a confusing mess of Engrish across its front, I can’t make heads or tails of the message it’s trying to convey. The ironies of life? The value in rebellion? The deliciousness of blueberry pancakes? Or is it simply a rumination on throwing your own poop off of your apartment in New York?

Here’s what we’re gonna do. After the jump, you can see this wondrous shirt. I will provide a transcript of the words. And then, in the comments, I want you to give it your best shot – what is the deep, soulful message this shirt yearns to pass on to us? Tell me, dear readers! Tell the world! Best caption wins something!

Anything has not remained any longer
To going out
dimension in the new world in the future
From the rooftop in the apartment
the excrement of me in Brooklyn”

Yup. Now have at it, sweet clean readers!

~ by Nick on February 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Engrish / Chinese Insanity #8 – A Shirt for the Ages”

  1. Lifted from Mike Tyson’s 8/13/08 journal entry regarding his rooftop pigeons. Solved!

  2. Nick, this is so simple. Nothing in this guy’s life sticks around. Singing only lasts in the night, and the future is only the future for one day, and then it is the past. The only permanent thing in his life is the drying poop from the pigeons on the roof of his apartment. What a sad existence. Now if you will excuse him, he needs to tune his guitar.

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