Sweet Lord, again with the typhoons?

Typhoon Parma 03It’s Saturday evening, and the Kaohsiung sky is dark. Massive stormish looking clouds have been blocking out the sun all afternoon. And although it’s brutally humid (when is it not?), there’s no rain in the air yet. But it’s coming.

Not even two months after Typhoon Morakot wreaked a record amount of havoc on our peaceful little island, here comes big bad Typhoon Parma, churning northwest, on a direct path for Taiwan.

It was supposed to knock Manila and the northern Philippines for a loop last night, but it didn’t:

…the storm weakened just hours before it was due to hit [Manila] and the threat of another disaster in the flood-soaked capital eased.

Better news for the Philippines was bad news for Taiwan, which issued a storm warning and began evacuating villages in the south as Typhoon Parma headed more sharply north toward the island.

Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau issued a storm warning for Parma on Saturday. This prompted officials to start evacuating villages in the southern county of Kaohsiung, where a typhoon in August triggered flash flooding that killed about 700, said local official Lin Chun-chieh.

Oh, there’s also another Typhoon in the Pacific right now, but it looks to have turned northward and is heading toward Japan. Good God. Not even hurricane season in New Orleans was this intense. Well, maybe I’ll be able to get you all some sweet first-hand footage this time. At the very least, I’ll be able to practice driving the deathcycle in a typhoon again.

[Typhoon Parma heads to Taiwan as threat eases in Philippines]

~ by Nick on October 3, 2009.

One Response to “Sweet Lord, again with the typhoons?”

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