The Leg’s Gonna Make It

If you’ll recall, about a month ago I had a nasty little incident on my deathcycle – a wreck in which I flew off my bike and apparently burned part of my leg on the muffler of the other participant’s scooter. It was a fairly violent collision, but aside from the legburn, my wounds were fairly pedestrian. My leg, though, looked pretty nasty, and when I posted the pictures of it, I was a little worried that it wasn’t really healing the way it should have been.

Well, because you dear readers are a kind-hearted and caring sort, the questions I’ve gotten from you the most in the last month have mostly been inquiries regarding the status of this boo-boo.The most common questions:

“How is your leg?”
“Is your leg all better yet?”
“Is your leg getting better, slowly but surely?”
“Have you contracted gangrene?”
“Does your leg have to be amputated?”
“Can I have all of your two-legged pants?”

First of all, let me say that I appreciate both the concern for my leg and the admiration for my taste in pants.

In a development that has both surprised and delighted me, the burn finally started to slowly scab over soon after I posed those pictures. Every day, I lathered it up with the ointment that the doctor gave me; and I wore nothing but shorts, to give it as much air as possible. (I’m pretty sure I could totally be a doctor.) By the time I was playing on the beach at Hsaio Liuchiu, it was completely scabbed over, and the salt water did nothing but help it. (Sorry if this paragraph is grossing you out. As I wrote it, I found it decidedly unappealing; but I’m too lazy at the moment to rewrite it.)

So anyway, fast forward to now, and it’s coming along quite nicely. The scab is gone, and the area’s no longer the least bit sore. Great success!

Leg Healing


~ by Nick on September 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Leg’s Gonna Make It”

  1. So why did you move to Taiwan? What do you do there besides write interesting blogs, LOL. I’m so happy finding all my “Boeglin” relatives on Facebook.

  2. Chicks dig scars

  3. Wait a minute. You’re in Taiwan?

  4. […] So many emotions were flowing through me. I felt horribly for this woman’s alleged injury and alleged loss of earnings, especially since my only keepsake from the wreck was a badly burned spot on my leg. […]

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