Sorry, I’m here…

Here I amOk, first of all, sincere apologies for the lengthy stretch between posts. Life here is starting to get a little hectic, and, as I’ve never been a stalwart of time management, I’ve been having a bit of trouble finding the time to sit down and reach out to you, the dear readers.

And, because life here has been hectic, I haven’t really been having as many adventures as of late. That should be changing soon, however.

Also – and please, stifle your gasps, so as not to alarm the children – I’m starting to kind of get used to this place, so the things that may have seemed insane to me at first now seem kind of normal. (Well, some of it seems normal – I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to walking through night markets and seeing giant squid tentacles for consumption; or seeing women and men here wear long sleeves while driving their scooters around in stifling 98-degree weather, because they’re so diametrically opposed to the slightest of suntans. Oh, and I haven’t even told you about how they do the trash collecting here. That deserves its own entire post.)

Ok, anyway, the point is, I need to re-focus myself. I will certainly do it to the best of my abilities, but I encourage you lovely readers to help out, as well. Anything you’d like to know about or hear about is fair game. I welcome your suggestions, comments, and questions.

I know I solicited your suggestions/comments once before, but the overall response was tepid and half-hearted. I can’t say I really blame you. But this time, I order you to dive in head-first, ponder with your heart, and let me know if there’s anything you really want me to write about.

Ok, that’s all for now. More to come soon.
As always, thank you so much for your continued support and readership.


~ by Nick on September 25, 2009.

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