My Address

Apt 1When I first got to Taiwan, several people back home asked me what my address was here. Of course, I didn’t really have one, and so I could offer no good answer. But now, I got me a real nice place, with beds and windows and everything. And it occurs to me I can’t remember just who in the heck among you wanted my address all those many days ago.

I thought about just posting it on here, but for privacy purposes and all, I figured that probably wasn’t too smart. So I’ll just leave it up to you.

And so, if any of you dear and lovely readers would like to know just what exactly my address here in Taiwan is, leave a comment or shoot me an email. And I shall get back to you posthaste. And with a touch of love


~ by Nick on August 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “My Address”

  1. could i propose another way of getting you address?

    could you send me a postcard?!

  2. Ditto the postcard comment!!!!

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