Engrish / Chinese Insanity #5

Asia in general is known for their… amusing… ways of translating things into English. Store names, product slogans, t-shirts… you name it. If you’re unsure what I’m referring to, feel free to go to Engrish.com. If you are sure what I’m referring to, you might already be there. It’s a great site – not to poke fun, mind you, but belly laughing a few times is always good for the soul.

I’ve been trying to document all the Engrish I’ve seen in Taiwan for my own amusement, but it occurs to me that you, the good strong reader, might want to be amused as well. And so this is a semi-regular installment here on Nick in Asia.

In Part 3 of the scooter wreck story, I made reference to the fact that the first floor of the Watson’s near my apartment is all cosmetics. You have to go up the stairs to the second floor if you’re looking for soap, or shaving gel, or deodorant, or foot fungus cream. The fact that the whole first floor sells cosmetics is amusing, but not all that surprising. The people here in Taiwan seem to have an almost obsessive approach to their appearance, and the whiter they can look, the better they feel. Seriously. Hence, the first floor of many, many stores – not just Watson’s – is nothing but cosmetics as far as the eye can see.

Now, if you’re one of those people who believe that true beauty can only come from within, the above paragraph may be a little disheartening. But un-slump those shoulders, you cute little hippies! The second floor of Watson’s actually has a little section that might cheer you up! Apparently, the Taiwanese have figured out how to enhance your inner selves, as well!

Have a look:

Inner Beauty

If you’re ugly on the outside, you can stay on the first floor. And if you’re ugly on the inside, there’s a little section of hope right up those stairs!

Go get ’em, Sourpuss!


~ by Nick on August 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “Engrish / Chinese Insanity #5”

  1. Cosmetics on the WHOLE first floor of stores? Wow! I didn’t realize they were that big on outer appearance.

    Did you notice, not only do you have to go to the 2nd floor to get inner beauty, but so few people need it that it’s on sale. 🙂

  2. The whiter they look, the better?! WOW, I would totally fit in there!

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