Pictures of the hostel and river! (Yeah, it’s pretty late for these, but smile and enjoy)

As most of you dear readers no doubt are aware, I now have an apartment to call my own. But of course, before our long and laborious househunt reached its satisfying conclusion, I was living in a hostel. For 36 days, I dwelled in a little private room at Kaohsiung 202, steps from the Love River.

It really wasn’t a bad setup, as far as hostels go. As I’ve mentioned before, there was a shower, a toilet, a washer and dryer (for $60 NT, of course), and I had my own room. So that was all nice. But still, it’s certainly nice to have your own place. My room now is twice the size of mine at 202; I have my own bathroom now; we have a big kitchen with a big fridge and a stove; and of course, a pretty cool view.

Still, it occurs to me that I never showed you, the dear reader, any visuals of my close surroundings for the last month and change. Why this is, I cannot really tell you. Obviously, I meant to. But things kept happening! There was the world games, the typhoon, and of course, that day I ate with a fork.

So without futher ado, please click on the jump and enjoy some stellar photos of Kaohsiung 202 (the hostel), the gorgeous Love River, and even our fabled noodle shop.These pics were taken many different days, but I’m going to present them as if it was all one day, from daylight to night. How lucky we all are for technology. And speaking of, as always, heartfelt captions and descriptions are included free of charge.


~ by Nick on August 16, 2009.

One Response to “Pictures of the hostel and river! (Yeah, it’s pretty late for these, but smile and enjoy)”

  1. Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it in person.

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